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O.W.N It!

Wouldn’t life be easier if there were no learning curves, obstacles, or roadblocks standing in the way of achieving our goals? Frustration builds as we don’t learn a new skill as quickly as anticipated, or deal with a change in timeline, a lack of communication, or poor leadership.

We can choose to let these frustrations get the best of us, or we can choose to O.W.N. it every single day.

It’s easy and natural to place the blame of frustration on something or someone—including ourselves. We are human. But this can unintentionally hold us back if we aren’t careful. Instead, use these best practices to successfully lead yourself through the challenges that could be holding you back from achieving the outcomes you desire: 

  • O – Overcome
    We show up to work every day to help our business move forward. Sure, we also show up to support our life, but we choose our place of work because we want to see that business succeed. In order to achieve our goals that lead to the business’ success, we must have the right mindset and overcome the emotions that stem from challenges.

    Challenges are inevitable. Spending time on things you cannot control is a foundation to feel overwhelmed and stressed. Focus only on what you can control.

    We cannot control others’ behaviors and attitude, but we can control our own. Look for opportunities to adjust your own personal behaviors and attitude that will support a path forward. A quick adjustment in mindset kickstarts our ability to move forward in the process of it.  

  • W – Welcome
    Acknowledging that we are stuck, facing workplace drama, or need more education requires vulnerability. Let’s face it, admitting we need guidance is difficult. The “easy button” is to try to navigate challenges on our own; complain to others that cannot help; or wait for someone to realize what we need. Often these ideas lead to more time wasted and more frustration.

    High performers overcome emotions and proactively recognize and welcome what they need to move forward. Identify and welcome the knowledge, skills, advice, or direction you need to successfully tackle any challenges standing in your way.

  • N – Network
    Building partnerships fosters a culture of collaboration and support. Your network is always willing to support you without judgement when you ask. When your mindset is right and you have welcomed the idea that you are facing a hurdle, utilize your network to gain the knowledge, skills, advice, or direction necessary to keep you moving.

    Block time with those in your network who will productively provide the help you desire. Clearly state your situation or need, then be prepared to open your mind to the feedback, discussion, direction, or ideas that support your growth.

Your best leader is YOU. When life throws you challenges, take control and lead yourself through these experiences with grace and humility. Be intentional. Be open. Be proactive.

O.W.N. it.