Case sealers

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Case sealers provide a critical step during the packaging process. As a carton passes through, it receives a tight and secure seal keeping the box closed. Now, products are protected from damage, pests, contaminants, and pilfering. If you’ve had any of these issues in the past, a case sealer could be just what you need. 

Our offerings


Manually sealing cartons simply is not as effective as using a mechanical case sealer. Case sealers come in multiple different variations – uniform or random, semi-automatic or fully automatic, bottom, top, or side sealing, even L-clips. There truly is a case sealer for every situation and application. Adding a carton sealer to your packaging line will ensure your cartons are properly sealed for shipping or storage. Premier Packaging’s Equipment Specialists can help you evaluate your output, changeover, size and SKU requirements, and work with you to select the right machine for your operation.


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