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Our Goals

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Greenhouse Gas Reporting

We are committed to accurately cataloging and reporting our GHG emissions and are currently completing our first GHG report.

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Waste Diversion

We recycle 100% of our corrugated at our manufacturing facilities. We also provide recycling receptacles in all our office locations.

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We have pledged to achieve Net-Zero Carbon emissions by 2040. To learn more about the initiatives we are making, visit the link below!

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Good Water Stewards

We use water-based inks that don’t require special water treatment because the ink is environmentally benign.

Our Mission

Premier is dedicated to modeling the best practices of environmental stewardship in our facilities and operations. We are committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions through business innovation, material reduction, energy efficiency, and decarbonization strategies derived from concrete data and science-based targets. We will use our expertise in materials, products, and technologies to help our customers reduce their carbon footprint through creative supply chain improvements and sustainable product alternatives. As sustainable practices continue to evolve, we will seek out innovative solutions to preserve natural resources and meet the needs of our customers.


Corrugated is one of the most eco-friendly options in the packaging world and is 100% recyclable.


There is more than one type of mailer, and many of the ones we offer are now biodegradable or compostable.

Void Fill

Many of our void fill options come with a sustainable flair and can be recycled through various channels.


Learn more about the multiple packaging options available for you to remain eco-friendly while also being cost-effective.