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What a past year for the ecommerce industry! With people ordering online now more than ever, there are some important questions to consider. How does the outer packaging look, does it marry up with the overall branding of the company? Is it difficult to open? Messy? Clean and exciting? Did the product arrive in tact and as expected? After all, when a consumer orders a product through your site, how it arrives can make or break their experience. Maybe it’s time to take a look at how you’re performing in the eyes of your consumers. 

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Ecommerce is a driving force in our economy, one that is growing more rapidly than ever. It is vital that you are ready for any changes coming your way. Plus, you’ll want to provide the best experience to your customer. From distribution, custom designs, ship from store, and every touch point of the supply chain, it’s important to evaluate all factors contributing to the ROI for an ecommerce company. We are a national leader in helping organizations efficiently manage their operation, working with eight of the top ten ecommerce companies in the United States. Material usage, size, freight costs, DIM weight, labor efficiency strategies, automation vs. manual processes, fulfillment accuracy, and warehouse management are just some elements we evaluate for our customers when working to recommend the best solution.


Like we mentioned, ecommerce is growing at rapid speed. Ready to see how proper packaging modifications can help your business soar even further?