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Our Offerings

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Customer Service

At Premier we’re all about customer service. We pride ourselves on being a partner who will make your work, and your life, easier with the products and services we provide. Want to check on your order status or reach out to us? Don’t worry—we’ve got your back!

Premier Packaging employee services a case sealer machine; Technician servicing machine; Equipment Servicing; Equipment maintenance; Preventative maintenance

Equipment Service

If a machine malfunctions, your entire operation could be down. In order to avoid this, we not only train your employees on how to properly use our equipment, we also provide certified service personnel in all locales. No more worries.

Package being drop tested in Premier Packaging ISTA-certified lab

Package Design & ISTA Testing

Our designers are inherently innovative and outside-the-box thinkers. There is nothing we love more than finding the right solution for your product. Plus, we meet all shipping requirements for any industry so your product will reach its final destination.

We're here for you

Premier offers a variety of services to help make your job easier. No matter which you use, you can count on us to provide superior customer service, attention to detail, and a team of people working to go above and beyond for you. How can we help?

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We can tailor multiple service contract options to fit your needs for equipment or consumables. No need to worry when an issue may arise.

Preventative Maintenance

Agreements are based on monthly, quarterly, or bi-annual terms. Rates vary, depending on the type of equipment to be serviced.

Certified Technicians

In case of any issues, we provide service techs that are trained and certified by Premier, so you know you are in the best hands possible. 


Let us know if you’re interested in a service agreement or have questions about your current state of maintenance. We want your operation running as smoothly as possible.