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Survive and Thrive

Each year comes with its own twists and turns no matter what type of business you’re running, no matter where you are. It’s just a part of the natural ebb and flow of things. But man, did 2020 not throw us quite a few curve balls. We don’t think we need to rehash everything that happened this year – you’re well aware of the world we’re living in right now. We did, however, want to write a brief note about how this year’s particular struggles have affected Premier Packaging and what it has meant for us to survive and thrive during a global pandemic.

Man operating forklift in warehouse

Premier knew we were in a unique position as soon as the quarantine orders were placed for most of the country. Being a manufacturer and distributor of a unique range of packaging products, as well as an expert in the field of supply chain logistics’, we weren’t sure how intensely this would affect us. With regular online sales through the roof plus many stores who had never thought to sell online quickly setting up e-commerce sites – our demand was higher than ever.

While our Peak Season typically starts in the fall, we’ve really spent the duration of 2020 in Peak overdrive. Our sales were through the roof while our teams were working nights and weekends with production running 24/7 to meet these latest demands. We were lucky during this time because we have been able to offer a good and service that everyone seemed to need overnight. This hasn’t passed our attention and we are sincerely grateful to every customer, vendor, employee, and partner that we’ve worked with not only in these trying times, but every other year as well.

Man working in production plant

We’re not going to sugar-coat anything that we’ve accomplished these last few months. While our business exploded to support e-commerce, our Human Resource and management teams were clocking countless over-time hours to help safely support the demand and comply to the new CDC guidelines. Yes, we stepped up to the plate and delivered anything and everything we possibly could for our customers while welcoming new ones as much as possible. In times like this it’s important to face our challenges with grace and flexibility. Without grace how can we forgive each other our faults, mistakes, and mishaps? Without flexibility how can we pivot from one idea to the next and be ready to take on new challenges?

It’s time for us to continue to buckle down and get ready for one heck of a Peak Season!