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Why Branded Packaging Matters

Imagine a sealed box arrives on your doorstep with no markings at all. Nothing on the top, bottom, or sides to indicate who it’s from or what it is. It might be something you ordered online; it might be some old clothes your neighbor meant to donate to Goodwill. You have no way of knowing the sender, and for that reason you might even hesitate before opening the box. 

Contrast that example with how shipments actually look when arriving on your doorstep. The boxes are almost always marked with branding that shows the company who sent it. That branding is the first thing you see, and it captures that company’s personality, identity, and values.  

Think of Amazon’s logo—an arrow shape curving into a smile—meant to represent end-to-end service and customer satisfaction. Or Walmart’s logo that looks like a stylized sun or flower but is actually a “spark” meant to represent “the inspiration that’s inside all of us.” With this kind of brand recognition, the company comes to mind every time someone sees one of their shipments arrive. You want that kind of brand recognition for your company.  

What might your branded shipping packaging include? 
  • Customized corrugated box with red and pink printA company logo, tagline, or color scheme. These are the big three. These help you stand out from other packages from other companies your customer receives at home.
  • A website, phone number, instructions or QR code printed directly on the shipping box or mailer. This makes returning or ordering easier and more convenient for your customers. 
  • Printed information, such as a website or phone number, on packing tape.WAT Tape with custom printing
    This is an easy, inexpensive way to make sure your customers have important information about your company. You can also add extra information cheaply via
    stickers on the outside of the package. 
  • Custom packaging inserts such as a catalog, discount coupon, or other giveaway to motivate your customer to re-order. The beauty here is you can change these inserts all the time without having to change the outside shipping package. 
  • Differentiation in box design. This could mean the box is a unique shape or made from different materials that give it a distinctive texture or look. This would set your box apart from the plain brown boxes that are delivered to your customer most of the time. 
  • Sustainable packaging. Packaging made from biodegradable, recyclable, non-toxic or natural materials shows that you care about the environment and are doing your part of protect it. Being an eco-friendly, responsible brand will resonate with many consumers.  

By including these branding elements, your shipping packages become more than just a package. They become a valuable marketing tool for your company, heightening the customer experience and making you stand out from your competition. 

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