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A Solution for All

Food processors/manufactures and retailers are continuing to look for a better solution for multipacking of products. The food processors are looking for lower material costs, increasing throughputs and lowering labor costs. While the retailers like Costco and Sam’s Club are pushing for simplicity and increasing customer experience – looking for a decrease in unnecessary packing material while maintaining the ability to use multipack barcoding. 3M and CEFMA machinery have come up with a customizable solution for all.

The 3M Clean Removal Multipack Tape and CEFMA machinery form The Multipack Solution. The Clean Removal Multipack Tape holds the bundle while not damaging the primary packaging while the CEFMA machinery bundles up 12 Multipacks/minute on a semi-automatic machines and up to 60 multipacks/minute on a fully-automatic machine.

Due to the tape’s ability to be repositioned, consumers are able to re-wrap their bundled products after the first use, making it easier to keep closets and pantries organized. In addition, the discreet adhesive highlights the primary packaging allowing for the high-quality custom printing to grab consumers’ attention. This allows manufacturers to better communicate their brand or promotional message directly to the consumer and differentiate their product on the shelf.

In addition to lowering material and labor costs, The Multipack Solution gives manufacturers and co-packers improved capabilities and flexibility. 3M offers the Multipack Tape in widths ranging from one to six inches, and the CEFMA machinery enables co-packers and manufacturers to bundle their products in any configuration (side-to-side, stacked, upright or custom).

The Multipack Solution provides retailers with retail ready packaging, making it easier for workers to load the product on the shelf. It also enables easy breakdown of bundled promotions. Finally, because The Multipack Solution reduces secondary packaging weight by up to 50 percent and uses up to 96 percent less energy compared to shrink wrap, it helps retailers reach their sustainability goals.


  • Increase Productivity
  • Reduced Material and Labor Cost
  • Increase Throughput
  • Lower logistics and Storage Costs
  • Custom Printed Message
  • Secure Multipack without damaging current packaging
  • Up to 96% energy savings

For more, watch the video here