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Space Concerns? Growth? Great Problems to Have!

Every growing distribution company wants the same thing. To run lean, maximize space, reduce product drift and improve pick times. Premier Packaging’s bin box solution is a cost-effective way to accomplish this. The process is easy…

  • We Listen
    You tell us what it is that you are trying to accomplish and what improvements you are trying to make. Also we need to know what the product mix is, weight and height constraints, racking type, warehouse environment etc.
  • Consult and Design
    All hands on deck! Our sales and design teams stay heavily engaged with you and your team to ensure we arrive at the right solution. Once we have a clear understanding of your needs we create prototypes and conduct onsite testing to confirm form, fit and function.
  • Produce, Assemble and Install
    Your bin boxes are produced and prepared for deployment. But our services do not stop there! We offer a complete solution which includes Assembly and Installation of the bins. Our Project Managers will ensure your bins are assembled and installed correctly and quickly.
  • What This Means for You
    Your company saved millions because of your vision and now you are responsible for capacity planning for all facilities. The sky is the limit!

Bin boxes are relatively inexpensive and can be designed to hold a variety of different product sizes and weights. We have designed and installed multiple solutions that experience daily touches and have been in place for 5 plus years. However, they can also be quickly switched out to support customer buying trends as your product mix fluctuates.

Case studies show that customers routinely experience significant savings in:

  • Overall density – increased up to 30%
  • Picking & stowing speeds – increased up to 30%
  • Product retention – improved up to 15%

Organization, maximizing space and continuous improvement are key factors in growing your functional operation.  A cost effective custom bin box solution will help you utilize your space to its fullest potential. Let us help you grow with confidence.

T.Givan, Inside Sales Manager