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A Year of Accomplishment and Change

Last year, 2023, was one of change for Premier Packaging. The economy forced adjustments that were sometimes uncomfortable but also made us a stronger company. At year’s end, we were leaner and more efficient—with streamlined processes and less dependency on other suppliers. 

“It was a challenging year, in the industry and the world,” said Premier CEO and founder John Gaynor. But “we are built for the future and ready to continue on.” 

Our focus on providing the best possible products, service, and expert packaging solutions advice to our customers continues uninterrupted. Because of this, we experienced several notable accomplishments in 2023. 


Premier’s major investment in new machinery over the last four years paid off this year – we reached a record production peak in the month of December!

Close up photo of bundled corrugated boxes on conveyor belt; custom corrugated boxes; Premier Packaging boxes

Additionally, our manufacturing output was up 23%, thanks to new equipment in Louisville, Kentucky, and Pedricktown, New Jersey, and continuous improvement by our teams in Lebanon, Ohio; Thomson, Georgia; Indianapolis, Indiana; and Rancho Cucamonga, California.  

“We put the right equipment in place, we have the right people in place,” said John. “I am so proud of Production and our people.”  


Forklift moving corrugated boxes inside distribution centerPremier differs from our competitors in that we’re a manufacturer and distributor. In 2023, we optimized our distribution by reducing our 3PL (third-party logistics) footprint by bringing that volume into our Premier facilities. We have also reduced our footprint by four locations, which lowers our cost and puts more volume into our fixed-cost facilities. 

Premier also integrated the distribution business of one of the United States’ Top 10 retailers, which sells general merchandise and food products. We brought a large portion of the volume into our Distribution Centers and delivered on volume 40% over initial forecasts. 


In 2023, Premier achieved net-zero carbon emissions across Scope 1 and 2 by purchasing carbon credits and renewable energy credits to offset emissions from our natural gas, propane, internal fleet fuel and electricity usage.  

A climate-neutral long-term strategy greenhouse gas emissions targets with green net center icon on hand and green background

This was possible thanks to compiling information for our other big accomplishment, our first annual Sustainability Report. We determined where we were in terms of carbon emissions and our current practices, where we wanted our sustainability initiatives to go, and how to start getting there. This knowledge ultimately led us to purchasing credits to become net-zero for Scope 1 and 2. 

Our Main Focus 

Whether selling packaging supplies or showing customers how to make a process more efficient and cost-effective through automation, our main focus is making YOUR life easierAs we look to 2024—our 30th anniversary—we will continue to be a great partner for you because of our not-so-secret weapon: Our people. 

“The success of Premier has been our hardworking people that work night and day and weekends, get trailers out on a Sunday afternoon for an emergency for a customer,” said John. “We have so many people who care.”