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Boxing Up 2022 Market Trends

What’s in the box for 2022, when it comes to the packaging industry? More growth in e-commerce, more sustainable packaging, and a continuing disruption of global supply chains thanks to variants of COVID-19, possibly easing by mid-year. Here’s a more in-depth look at these top three market trends for the year.

  1. Helping Your E-Commerce Business Grow
    E-commerce sales are projected to grow 16.1% in 2022—to $1 trillion or more, according to the Adobe Digital Economy Index. This consumer acceptance of the digital economy is expected to be permanent. Nielsen forecasts 70% of global consumers will do their grocery shopping online by 2024. The cold chain market—food, medicine, and pharmaceutical products delivered in temperature-controlled packaging—is expected to reach $340.3 billion by 2025. Premier can help your e-commerce business become cost-efficient, and our experts in cold chain, luxury, and sustainable packaging can recommend just the right packaging for you.

  2. Emphasizing Sustainability
    “Sustainability” will continue to be the buzzword in packaging, with consumers looking for environmentally friendly options. Premier is focused on finding and manufacturing sustainable products for our customers. For example, we are marketing 100% recyclable, sustainable packaging with heat-sealable Paperlock™ technology that gives paper many of the advantages of plastic. Our experts can also redesign and right-size packaging to reduce your material and shipping costs and carbon emissions, since more packages will fit on one truck.

  3. Going Above and Beyond with the Supply Chain
    The pandemic has severely disrupted supply chains, from shipping container shortages to raw material and product shortages to backups at ports because of not enough labor to unload shipping containers. The Omicron variant of COVID-19 could continue to aggravate these issues. Many experts don’t expect to see a supply-chain recovery until the summer of 2022 or perhaps later, according to Forbes magazine. Premier will continue to go above and beyond to keep your supply chain humming along:
    • In the toughest hiring environment in decades, we have increased our employees by 40% and are continuing to build our teams. We also battled the labor shortage by asking all our employees to help with orders—for example, other employees, no matter the level, pulling an extra shift in the production plants.
    • We loaded up on raw material to be ready for our customers’ needs.
    • To meet rising inventory stocking demands, Premier opened new distribution centers.
    • We are doubling our manufacturing locations.
    • During pandemic-related issues, we provided our customers with products and solutions when they needed them. If custom product was not available on time, we offered alternatives, such as stock boxes.

Premier Packaging can serve as your partner in providing your business with warehouse, packaging, and shipping solutions custom-made for you. We are re-energized and ready for 2022—are you?