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Premier’s New Year Resolutions

In 2022, we resolve to continue giving you, our customer, the best products and service in our industry. To that end:

We Will Improve Our Sustainability
Sustainability will continue to be a major focus for Premier in the new year. We will model the best practices of environmental stewardship in our facilities and operations, based on concrete, actionable data metrics. We are formalizing our sustainability platform to track our carbon emissions through all aspects of our operation.

We will use our expertise in materials, products, and technologies to help you meet your company’s sustainability goals. As always with Premier, our sales force will work with you to design and customize the sustainable solutions that work best for your business.

We are very excited about our use of cutting-edge technology to become environmentally friendly. This year we’ll be marketing paper packaging with Paperlock™ technology, which gives paper most of the advantages of plastic packaging—strength, ability to be printed in 10 colors, can run on regular packaging equipment—while remaining 100% recyclable and compostable. This paper packaging is totally made from paper fibers, with no microplastics to contaminate our oceans, land, and marine and animal life. It’s a major step forward in sustainable packaging.

We Will Continue to Improve Our Customer Service
We have always taken pride in providing excellent customer service. In 2022, Premier will streamline our processes so that every aspect of working with us, from placing an order to paying for it, is as easy as possible for you. With our combination of manufacturing facilities and national distribution centers, our goal is to be your lowest-cost provider as well.

We Will Help Our People Grow
To ensure we continue to provide excellent customer service, we continue to invest in Premier’s greatest resource—our people. In addition to implementation of a new and improved formal training process across the company, we have implemented a Leadership Development Program that helps our people learn how to lead themselves, lead others, and lead our company’s leaders. This leadership training will establish expectations of behavior and drive high standards of performance across our company, ultimately resulting in better interactions and service for our customers.

We Will Help Our Customers Grow
Thanks to your support, Premier has continued to grow, with over 90 locations in the United States, Mexico, Canada, and Brazil and more than 1,000 employees. Our resolution is to give each of you, returning and new customers alike, the best custom-made packaging and shipping solutions to help you operate and grow your business. That would make for a very happy new year, indeed.