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The Value of Great Customer Service

In business there may be only two real measurements: relationships and profits.This is why customer service is among the key criteria within the buying and selling process because it goes directly back to the purpose of business. It is a key measurement of business success.

Most successful business people believe that customers will even pay some additional price in a product if they believe that exceptional customer service will always be present.

Take a moment to consider one of your recent purchases, either for your business or personal use. What factors dictated your decision to buy that product or service? Price? Quality? Customer service?

First, a lot of people would answer, “Price, of course, especially these days.” Yet, if you take the time to reflect on that purchase decision, the other factors would most certainly have come into play. You may have actually been willing to pay more than you initially intended because you realized the company from whom you made the purchase would offer that extra service or attention, something extra.

Outstanding customer service that builds loyal customers is today’s strategic competitive advantage. When our organization has a unified and collective customer loyalty attitude, you will see your overall sales increase from repeat business and referrals from existing clients. The added benefit is that you will have a culture of high performance.

When our organization has invested time into improving its level of customer service, it subsequently switched our efforts to meeting other goals and priorities, with larger amounts of attention being directed toward quantity rather than quality.

Every company needs to continually revisit its customer service performance, keep a keen eye on customers and their views, assess the overall levels of customer satisfaction, and determine whether there are any new customer services issues that should be addressed now or in the future.  At Premier we meet regularly to do just that.